Month: September 2018

Become Disciplined Today, or Be Enslaved Forever


One of the hardest topics to touch is discipline. It’s become a word mired in social memes and jokes: “Oh, my discipline is too weak. Pass me another beer.”

“I can’t go to the gym; my willpower is all gone.”

These are not objective facts. These are unconscious (or conscious) rejections of your own inner strength in favor of creature comforts. As biological creatures, we are ruled by the same basic genetic codes that have given rise to wolves, flies, spiders, and bats—all of whom act on instinct alone.

Human beings, by way of sentience, are in a position that is afforded to no other creature in our realm of experience. We are able to consciously reject instincts in favor of actions that we CHOOSE to undertake. Do not downplay this; do not destroy your own willpower.

To find out more about the slavery of “having fun,” check out this video:

Love, peace, and awakening to all beings!